Zap the cat was a feline member of the Vorkosigan household. The stray cat was discovered when Corporal Kosti heard her making a terrible noise when she caught in a tanglefield. Taking pity on the poor beast, Kosti started taking care of her, and appropriately named her Zap.

Zap remained partially-feral, accepting food and shelter from humans, but also attacking them despite their generosity. She had the unusual habit of purring and growling at the same time when fed by humans. However, some in the household were able to handle her and her kittens, including Cordelia and Ma Kosti.

Zap also was very fertile. Kareen Koudelka once described Enrique Borgos as "having ideas as much as Zap has kittens." At least one kitten was offered by Miles to his cousin Ivan as a way to soothe his bachelorhood.


Behind the scenesEdit

Zap the cat is the evil twin of a cat that had been owned by the author, named Fuzzy Mae.

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