"He’d caught the tail end of a short conversation between Matson and his boss Vorlynkin in the kitchen, day-before-yesterday, when the media siege of the consulate was just beginning.
'People told me I’d be able to pocket a tidy amount of baksheesh in this job,' the clerk complained, 'but in five years nobody offered me anything. And when they finally do, it’s because they want dirt on Sato-san. Sato-san. As if I would! Agh!'
―Matson's ideal of service[src]

Yuuichi Matson was an employee of the Barrayaran Consulate on Kibou-daini. Having worked there for five years, he was easily the most-experienced person on the staff. He was mostly kept in the dark as to why they had suddenly acquired Lisa Sato's two children, Jin and Mina.


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