"Though I still maintain scent is a subtler sense than sight. You must let me mix for you sometime. That civet-jasmine blend you're wearing tonight absolutely clashes with the third-level formal style of your dress, you know."
―Yenaro, subtly insulting a ghem woman[src]

Lord Yenaro was a classic impoverished lord; he was a young ghem whose grandfather was regarded as "the general who lost the Barrayaran War". As a result of his questionable status in Cetagandan society and his resulting poverty, he hated Barrayarans, particularly those with the name Vorkosigan. As a young ghem in a world where only the elderly had power, he was frustrated by his inability to make anything useful of his talents.

When haut-governor Ilsum Kety approached him with an opportunity to advance to a real government posting in exchange for spending some time playing nasty pranks on Lord Vorkosigan and his co-delegate from Barrayar, he jumped at the chance.

As a result of the events that followed from his plot and the breaking up of Lord Kety's plot, he was granted a post as Assistant Perfumer to the Emperor of Cetaganda and promoted to the rank of "ghem-lord-in-waiting of tenth rank, sixth degree" – the lowest rank of ghem who work for the Emperor.


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