"What's the Yarrow incident," asked Ivan, "and if it's that important, why haven't I heard of it?"
"A textbook case in counterterrorism," said Galeni. "Illyan has all his new analysts study it."
"The case is famous inside ImpSec," Miles explained. "Being a success, however, it's practically unknown outside ImpSec. It's the nature of the job. Successes are secret and thankless, failures are splashy and gain you only blame.
―The nature of counterterrorism[src]

The Yarrow Incident concerned a treasonous plot against Emperor Gregor of Barrayar

The civilian spaceship, the Yarrow was intended by Count Vortrifrani and an extremist faction of Barrayar's Conservative Party to be used in order to crash into the planetary and Imperial capital of Vorbarr Sultana and kill Emperor Gregor Vorbarra, but the plot was sabotaged by Lucas Haroche, of the Barrayaran Imperial Security's Domestic Affairs branch.

The case was the fifth major attempted attack upon Gregor that Lucas Haroche prevented; it won him the position of Chief of Domestic Affairs. It would have been a sufficiently damaging attack as it stood, but the plotters went to the extra step of filling the ship with explosives; this mistake was what enabled Imperial Security to catch them before the plot was carried out.


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