"Dr. Minchenko emerged at last and hovered a moment, one hand anchored to a grip by the hatch. A leathery-faced, vigorous man, his hair was as white as the GalacTech medical service coveralls he wore. He had been a big man, now shrunken to his frame like a withered apricot, but, like a withered apricot, still sound. Claire had the impression he only needed to be re-hydrated and he'd pop back to like-new condition."
―Dr. Minchenko returns without Tony[src]

Dr. Warren Minchenko and Dr. Cay were employees of GalacTech who created the quaddies. Dr. Minchenko had made his life's work from their creation; when the quaddies fled to make a new home for themselves very far away from GalacTech, Dr. Minchenko offered to come with them, so long as they retrieved his wife Ivy Minchenko as well.

Quaddie tributeEdit

One of the habitats in Quaddiespace was named Minkenko Station; this was very likely done in his honor.


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