"The far-right blow-up-the-wormhole isolationist loonie faction would field Count Vortrifrani against the anti-Vor pro-galactic faction who want a written constitution," put in Miles glumly. "And I do mean field."
"Count Vortrifrani scares me," Elena shivered. "I've heard him speak."
"It's the suave way he mops the foam from his lips.
―Miles and Elena, on Gregor's lack of successors[src]

Count Vortrifrani was a member of the Vor class on the planet Barrayar. He was a District Count and sat in the Council of Counts. A political foe of the liberal Emperor Gregor Vorbarra and the Progressive Party, he served as leader of the opposing Conservative Party.

He was discredited when he was suspected in a treasonous plot by hyperisolationist extremists allied with him to crash a space feighter into the planetary capital of Vorbarr Sultana and kill Emperor Gregor. This was the so-called Yarrow plot.


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