"When I was Nikki's age, my obsession was Lord Vorthalia the Bold, Legendary Hero from the Time of Isolation." His reminiscent voice took on a rather fruity narrator's cadence, delivering this last. "That started with a holovid too, come to think of it, though before I was done I was persuading my gran'da to take me to look up original Imperial archives. Turned out Vorthalia wasn't as legendary as all that, though his real adventures weren't all so heroic. I think I could still sing all nine verses of the song that went with—"
―Miles discusses his favorite childhood hero[src]

Vorthalia the Bold was a Barrayaran hero from the Time of Isolation. "Vorthalia the Loyal" was probably the same person, but it is not completely clear from the information to be found in the Vorkosigan Saga.

His adventures included:

  • Vorthalia the Bold and the Thicket of Thorns, which was not about clearing away red tape despite Miles Vorkosigan's imagination to the contrary[1].
  • Vorthalia the Bold and the Search for Emperor Xian Vorbarra's Lost Scepter, which had nothing to do with searching for replacement jump-ship Necklin rods, despite Miles Vorkosigan's imagination[2].

His adventures did not include the demanding of a whole-life policy from his Emperor at sword-point[3].

Notes and referencesEdit

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