"Lord Vorreedi is our particular expert in understanding the activities of the ghem-comrades, in all their multitude of arenas."
―Diplomatic language for "Head Spy"[src]

Colonel Vorreedi was chief of protocol for the Barrayaran embassy on Eta Ceta; he also served Imperial Security and was the "head spy" for Barrayar there.

A controlled man, he rarely showed emotions. He was known to collect Cetagandan artworks, with good taste in his choices.

Miles Vorkosigan was able to fool him into believing that he was working on a very-highly-secret mission for ImpSec; as a result, he mostly allowed Miles to take whatever actions he chose to do. He was not pleased when he learned that this mission Miles had gone on was self-appointed and thus unauthorized.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vorreedi is named for Patricia C Wrede.


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