Vorloupulous's Law was a law enacted by Emperor Dorca the Just soon after he united the warring Count of Barrayar under his own rule. It limited counts to a total armed following of 20 armsmen, and it denied non-Counts and non-heirs-to-countships the right to take an armsman's oath.

The law is so-named because some time later, after the end of the Time of Isolation but before the Cetagandans invaded, one of the Lords decided that twenty armsmen was not nearly enough for dealing with his various feuds. Lord Vorloupulous therefore decided to hire on 2000 retired military men to be cooks for him, and rather than give them the standard weaponry, he provided them with butcher's knives.

Emperor Dorca did not accept his claim that this was not an army and he declared Vorloupulous to be in violation of the law. He sentenced Vorloupulous to the standard penalty for treason by a Vor - public exposure and death by starvation.

"So, the man with 2000 cooks was condemned to waste away in the Great Square of Vorbarr Sultana. And to think they always said Dorca Vorbarra had no sense of humor..."
―Miles on Dorca's judgment[src]

The Cetagandans invaded before the sentence could be completed, so Vorloupulous was released to fight them. Vorloupulous was killed in combat, and thus earned the restoration of his honor in the eyes of Barrayarans.