"Well, because it was the principal seat of government for the Vorkosigans, and because we owned about every stick and stone in it—it was a pretty important industrial and trade center—and because the Vorkosigans were, uh, prominent in the Resistance, the Cetagandans took the city hostage. It's a long story, but—eventually, they destroyed the place. It's now a big glass hole in the ground. You can still see a faint glow in the sky, on a dark night, twenty kilometers off."
―Miles explains the fate of Vorkosigan Vashnoi to Arde[src]

Vorkosigan Vashnoi was the original capital of the Vorkosigan District on Barrayar, ruled by the Vorkosigan District Count. During the First Cetagandan War, it was taken hostage and eventually destroyed by a nuclear bomb used by Cetagandan Empire ghem invaders.[1]

By the time Miles Vorkosigan was thirty-five, Vorkosigan Vashnoi no longer glowed in the dark[2]; although it was still too dangerous to visit, some criminals and fugitives were hiding in the ruins, occasionally chased by District Rangers.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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