Vorkosigan Surleau was a small village in the Vorkosigan District that included the favorite summer residence of the Vorkosigan family.[1][2][3] Hiking, horseriding, fishing, and sailing were popular activities.[4] A local woman microbrewed particularly good beer; people who went fishing on the Long Lake generally made sure to have some along. The beer was hung in the water; when it was too warm to drink, the water was too warm for fishing – this never actually happened in Miles Vorkosigan's recollection.[4]

Elena Bothari-Jesek was raised in the village by Karla Hysopi.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Surleau is French, meaning "over the water". When Prime Minister Vortala spoke of renaming the village as Vorkosigan Sousleau, this was a reference to Aral falling out of his sailboat often.[6] Sousleau means "under the water".

Notes and referencesEdit

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