"Lord Vorhovis was back from Komarr, it appeared. In his early sixties, he was the youngest of the crowd, but with a formidable career behind him nonetheless; soldier first, then diplomat, planetary ambassador, and onetime assistant minister of finance. He might be a model for Duv Galeni to emulate. He was a cool, lean, sophisticated man, very much in the modern style of Vor lord..."
―On the occasion of Miles being offered the job of 8th auditor[src]

Vorhovis was of Barrayar's Vor class who served the Barrayaran Imperium as an Imperial Auditor. His specialty was foreign affairs and the activities of Galactics, and he was regarded by Gregor and Miles Vorkosigan as the top man among the auditors.

Miles originally had hoped to have Vorhovis take on the investigation of ImpSec, and during his own investigation occasionally wished he could consult with Vorhovis to learn more about how to go about the task.


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