"Across from where they sat in Vorbretten House, Vorhartung Castle's crenellations loomed up through the spring-green treetops, gray and archaic. The traditional meeting-place of the Council of Counts had overlooked—in both senses of the word, Miles thought dryly—all these transformations."
―Vorhartung Castle resists modern rebuilding[src]

Vorhartung Castle was the meeting place of the Barrayaran Council of Counts. In addition to the Council Chamber itself, there were galleries that overlooked the chamber, side rooms for private meetings, archives[1], offices, and a military museum. The castle straddled high bluffs overlooking the great river that flowed through Vorbarr Sultana[2]. When the Council was not in sessions, guided visits were allowed[3].

The museum included such delightful items as a tanned scalp of Mad Emperor Yuri and front-loaded large-bore guns previously owned by Vlad Vorbarra that came with misshapen gold blobs that had been fired as bullets - one was taken from the brain of whoever had been killed[4].

Some of the building's offices were crammed into unsuitably tight spaces; for example, Count Henri Vorvolk's office was down in the old dungeons and lacked head-room[4].

The Council Chamber had a good deal of rich wood paneling, stained glass windows high on the east wall, a heavy oak floor, and rows of plain wood benches and desks in a ring[2][5].

Other features of the castle included: a main entry hall, the grand staircase from the entry hall to the Council Chamber, and the great salon.[6] The Emperor kept a private room behind the Council Chamber.[3]

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