"The Vorfolse family had a remarkable record for picking the losers in every Barrayaran war of the last century, including choosing to collaborate with the Cetagandans and backing the wrong side in Vordarian's Pretendership. The somewhat morose present heir, oppressed by his ancestors' many defeats, eked out his life in the capital by renting the drafty old Vorfolse clan mansion to an enterprising prole with grandiose ambitions, and living entirely off the proceeds. Instead of the permitted squad of twenty, he kept only a single Armsman, an equally depressed and rather elderly fellow who doubled as every servant the Count had."
―Life as Count Vorfolse[src]

Count Vorfolse was a District Count of Barrayar. As a result of his ancestors' tendency to choose losing sides in all conflicts, the count as of A Civil Campaign chose to remain unaligned with any of them, claiming to be a member of his own isolated party. His District was somewhere on the South Coast. 

Instead of living in a mansion, he stayed in a simple apartment with a brass tag on the door titled "Vorfolse House". The lack of impressiveness of his lifestyle led Armsman Szabo of Vorrutyer House to state that if he were one of Vorfolse's people, he'd actually encourage the man to steal from his District because his lifestyle made a very poor show for them.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vorfolse is one of several Bujold characters who were named after fans.