A Vorfemme knife was a special type of knife worn by female Vor nobles on Barrayar. During the Time of Isolation, a Vorfemme knife was used for self-defense; carrying such a knife made a Vor woman better armed than a peasant, but less so than a Vor lord, who generally wore a pair of swords. Suggestions in text existed that Vor lords feared their wives getting the drop on them; a number of Vor ladies have been seen over the course of the saga who made such a fear seem reasonable.

Vorfemme blades were never described in detail but they were able to be hidden in a Vor lady's boot, suggesting a blade length of between six and eight inches. In the hands of a trained wielder such a weapon could be a genuine threat.

By the time of the interstellar Barrayaran Imperium under Emperors Ezar Vorbarra and Gregor Vorbarra, a Vorfemme knife was mainly a status symbol.


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