Vordarian's District was the District on Barrayar ruled over by House Vordarian

The exact location of the District has not been specified in the Vorkosigan Saga; however, it was known to be two hours away from Vorbarr Sultana by the express monorail.[1]

At the time of the beginning of the Aral Vorkosigan Regency, it was considered the most advanced and economically important District on the planet. The Cetagandan occupiers left the District by treaty rather than by force (one of the few Districts to so be affected), and the District itself was only lightly touched by war during the Cetagandan Occupation. As a result of the Cetagandan largesse, by the time of the Regency, Vordarian's District held four major manufacturing cities, along with military bases, supply depots and the largest military shuttleport on the planet. The first Barrayaran space bases were sited there due to the amount of infrastructure left over by the Cetagandans.[2]

Later on, the District had a prominent cryorevival center in the city of Weienovya, and likely a prominent hospital as well, given that the neurosurgeon who removed Simon Illyan's memory chip was flown in from there.[3]

The Imperial Bureau of Mines northern regional headquarters was located in the District; Hugo Vorvayne worked there.[1]


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