"...entirely modern townhouse. Vorbretten House perched on the bluff overlooking the river, nearly opposite to Vorhartung Castle.....The new mansion was light and open and airy, and took full advantage of the excellent views of the Vorbarr Sultana cityscape up and down stream."
Miles, contemplating Vorbretten House, with a little bit of contrasting and comparing to Vorkosigan House[src]

Vorbretten House was the official residence of the House Vorbretten in Vorbarr Sultana.


The original Vorbretten House had been severly damaged during the Pretendership. Upon returning to the city with Aral Vorkosigan's forces, the Count and his son (René Vorbretten's grandfather and father) decided not to rebuild, instead tearing down the old, dilapidated fortress-like structure and rebuilding from the ground up. 


The new Vorbretten House was a modern townhouse-style dwelling, perched on a bluff with excellent views of Vorbarr Sultana and Vorhartung Castle, with plenty of light and air. It was defended by a set of optional force fields, and Miles believed that it probably had no problems with its plumbing (unlike Vorkosigan House).


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