"They're used to Count Vorbohn's municipal guards, whom they bribe, or who blackmail them, and vice versa."
―Simon Illyan, regarding Bothari's whorehouse[src]

The Vorbohns were a High Vor family on Barrayar. Mentioned in the Vorkosigan Saga were a Count Vorbohn, a Lord Vorbohn, and a Lord Vorbohn the Younger (who may have been the same person as Lord Vorbohn).

The family was personally in charge of policing Vorbarr Sultana - they ran the Municipal Guard there, and the job had them playing an active role both in police work and in city development. For example, the Escobaran skip-tracers who were chasing after Enrique Borgos had to have one of their permits personally signed by Lord Vorbohn.

"Have you heard if the municipal traffic control system will be coming on line soon?" Pym asked, apropos of what Miles counted as their third near-miss this week.

"Nope. Delayed in development again, Lord Vorbohn the Younger reports. Due to the increase in fatal lightflyer incidents, they're concentrating on getting the automated air system up first.
―Miles and Pym discuss traffic[src]


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