"I'm glad for the sake of the Vor that you haven't just abandoned your father's liegeman. There's not many of us left who care enough to, enough to ... I don't know how to say it."
"Who care enough to make Vor real," suggested Miles.
"Yes," said Vorberg gratefully. That's right.
―Miles and Vorberg discuss Vor[src]

Lieutenant Vorberg was an ImpSec courier officer who was kidnapped by a group of hijacker mercenaries. His rescue was performed by the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet, but with complications - his legs were cut off by plasma fire when Miles Vorkosigan went into a seizure during the rescue. As a result, he was not precisely pleased with his rescuers.

Later, while he was still recovering from leg-reattachment surgery which resulted in his being about an inch shorter than he had previously been, he was given the job of night-guard for Simon Illyan when Illyan's memory chip began malfunctioning. He contacted Miles Vorkosigan at Illyan's request; Miles ended up getting himself appointed as an Imperial Auditor to handle the case.


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