"The man sat with his hands bound behind him, securely strapped into a seat and guarded by two Yellow Squad troopers, a big fellow and a thin woman who made Mark think of a snake, all sinuous muscle and unblinking beady eyes. The prisoner looked a striking forty or so years of age, and wore a torn brown silk tunic and trousers. Loose strands of dark hair escaped from a gold ring on the back of his head and fell about his face. He did not struggle, but sat calmly, waiting, with a cold patience that quite matched the snake-woman's."
―Mark meets Vasa Luigi in person[src]

Vasa Luigi Bharaputra was the Baron of House Bharaputra, one of the Houses Major, on Jackson's Whole. His business focused primarily on the genetic trade, specializing in services that were considered illegal anywhere other than Jackson's Whole, particularly clone-brain transplant surgery.

When last seen he had just been handed a massive defeat by the brothers Vorkosigan, having lost an entire generation of transplant clones including his wife's along with a whole lot of collateral damage. Bharaputra probably wasn't doing so well for some time afterwards, particularly considering the new competition from House Fell, inheritors of House Ryoval's resources.

"If I sell you to Ry, you'll be better punished than even I care to think about. Ry would be delighted to own a matched pair." Vasa Luigi sighed. "House Ryoval will always be a minor house, I fear, as long as Ry allows his personal gratification to outweigh its profits. It's a shame. I could do so much more with his resources."
―Vasa Luigi's business priorities[src]


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