"Lord Vann Vorgustafson ... was the other civilian, a retired industrialist and noted philanthropist. He was short, and stouter than Vorthys, with a bristling gray beard and pink choleric face that alarmed observers about the state of his cardiovascular system. Surely the most financially unbribable of Gregor's Auditors, he routinely gave away money in lumps larger than the average man saw in his lifetime. One wouldn't guess his wealth to look at him, for he dressed like a workman, if there were any workmen so lacking in color-sense."
―Miles meets the Auditors as a group[src]

Vann Vorgustafson was a wealthy businessman and Vor on Barrayar. He served as an Imperial Auditor and specialized in business, industry, and commerce. He may also have served as or closely worked with the Minister for Heavy Industries. He was one of the two non-military members of the Auditors.


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