I'm putting this here because I really don't know where else it might go!

So, because I have an obviously serious mental problem, I decided to go and come up with a list of the sixty Counts of Barrayar, their heirs, and their livery colors (in that order)! Clearly, I am deranged and need to be put in Betan therapy.

Until then though, I have this list. It is set post-CryoBurn, and it is partially complete. I have completed the full sixty Count, in alphabetical voting order, with names (some of whom I made up and some of whom are Vor mentioned in-story who got promotions). What is partially completed are the list of heirs (which I am working on ['Author's Note: Heir List is COMPLETE as of 9/18/14]'), and the livery colors (it's difficult to find color combinations)! If you have any suggestions or ideas (aside from the aforementioned therapy and "Get a life"), let me know please!


Plain-text: canon Counts.

Bold-text: canon Vor, elevated to Countship

Italic-text: self-created Vor

1.     Voralleyne: Count Malcolm Voralleyne, Lord Simeon Voralleyne; Cocoa Brown and Rust Red. 

2.     Voraronberg: Count Vadim Voraronberg, Lord Laurent Voraronberg; 

3.     Vorazarov: Count Valery Vorazarov, Lord Leonid Vorazarov; Jade and Bronze. 

4.     Vorbarra: Count Gregor Vorbarra, Crown Prince Xav Toscane Vorbarra; Black and Silver. 

5.     Vorbataille: Count Bertrand Vorbataille, Lord Gaston Vorbataille; Ruby and Citrine. 

6.     Vorbohn: Count Adam Vorbohn, Lord Emil Vorbohn; Black and Gold. 

7.     Vorbretten: Count René Vorbretten, Lord Julian Vorbretten; Dark Green and Bittersweet Orange. 

8.     Vorchurkin: Count Piotr Vorchurkin, Lord Kirill Vorchurkin; Black and Mint Green. 

9.     Vordarian: Count Evon Vordarian, Lord Andrei Vordarian; Maroon and Gold. 

10. Vordrozda: Count Arkady Vordrozda, Lord Valerian Vordrozda; Crimson and Cream. 

11. Vorduer: Count Georgius Vorduer, Lord Tobias Vorduer; Charcoal and Turquoise. 

12. Vorellias: Count Ivan Vorellias, Lord Frederick Vorellias; 

13. Vorfarabaugh: Count Pavlos Vorfarabaugh, Lord Bastian Vorfarabaugh; 

14. Vorfolse: Count Winston Vorfolse, Lord Denis Vorfolse; Bright Green and Gray. 

15. Vorgarin: Count Erastes Vorgarin, Lord Stanislav Vorgarin; 

16. Vorgorov: Count Patrick Vorgorov, Lord Oren Vorgorov; 

17. Vorgustafson: Count Axel Vorgustafson, Lord Gerald Vorgustafson; Mustard and Magenta. 

18. Vorhalas: Count Yegor Vorhalas, Lord Dmitri Vorhalas; Navy Blue and Orange. 

19. Vorharopulos: Count Alexander Vorharopulos, Lord Elias Vorharopulous; Chartreuse and Scarlet. 

20. Vorhovis: Count Rodney Vorhovis, Lord Owen Vorhovis; Burgundy and Bronze. 

21. Vorinnis: Count Arthur Vorinnis, Lord Edward Vorinnis; 

22. Vorjandreau: Count Raymond Vorjandreau, Lord Felix Vorjandreau; Garnet and Gold. 

23. Vorkalloner: Count Gordon Vorkalloner, Lord Ian Vorkalloner; Navy Blue and Bright Yellow. 

24. Vorkraft: Count Albert Vorkraft,  Lord Geoffrey Vorkraft; Slate and Periwinkle. 

25. Vorkeres: Count Willas Vorkeres, Lord Vincent Vorkeres; Gold and Emerald Green. 

26. Vorkosigan: Count Miles Vorkosigan, Lord Aral Vorkosigan; Brown and Silver. 

27. Vorlaisner: Count Oleg Vorlaisner, Lord Xian Vorlaisner; 

28. Vorlakial: Count Antonis Vorlakial, Lord Alexei Vorlakial; Powder Blue and Sapphire. 

29. Vorlaval: Count Jérôme Vorlaval, Lord Jean-Claude Vorlaval; 

30. Vorlightly: Count Enoch Vorlightly, Lord Reginald Vorlightly; Sable and Scarlet. 

31. Vorloupulous: Count Andreas Vorloupulous, Lord Ruslan Vorloupulous;

32. Vormercier: Count Graeme Vormercier, Lord Travis Vormercier; 

33. Vormoncrief: Count Boriz Vormoncrief, Lord Yuri Vormoncrief; Emerald Green and Silver. 

34. Vormuir: Count Tomas Vormuir,  Lord Roman Vormuir; Carmine and Green. 

35. Vormurtos: Count Edmund Vortmurtos, Lord Christos Vormurtos; 

36. Vorneski: Count Timothy Vorneski, Lord Arnold Vorneski; 

37. Vorob'yev: Count Anton Vorob’yev, Lord Mikhail Vorob’yev; Wine-Red and Black. 

38. Vororlov: Count Léon Vororlov, Lord Fyodor Vororlov; 

39. Vorparadijs: Count Francis Vorparadijs, Lord Augustus Vorparadijs; Steel-Gray and Bright Orange-Yellow. 

40. Vorpatril: Count Falco Vorpatril, Lord Lazar Vorpatril; Dark Blue and Gold. 

41. Vorpinski: Count Casimir Vorpinski, Lord Pavel Vorpinski; 

42. Vorreedi: Count Lev Vorreedi, Lord Maxim Vorreedi; Speed Blue and White. 

43. Vorroarke: Count Gennady Vorroarke, Lord Benedict Vorroarke; Yellow and Black. 

44. Vorrutyer: Count Dono Vorrutyer, Lord Luc Vorrutyer; Dark Blue and Gray. 

45. Vorsachs: Count Johan Vorsachs, Lord Robert Vorsachs; 

46. Vorsennett: Count Viktor Vorsennett, Lord Nikita Vorsennett; 

47. Vorsmythe: Count Lionel Vorsmythe, Lord Alistair Vorsmythe; Wine-Red and Indigo. 

48. Vortaine: Count Hamish Vortaine, Lord Blaise Vortaine; Teal and Cobalt-Blue. 

49. Vortala: Count Jasper Vortala, Lord Saul Vortala; Red and Gold. 

50. Vortashpula: Count Valentin Vortashpula, Lord William Vortashpula; Violet and Pink. 

51. Vortienne: Count Sebastien Vortienne, Lord Bernard Vortienne; Brown and Copper. 

52. Vortrifrani: Count Oscar Vortrifrani, Lord Igor Vortrifrani; 

53. Vortugalov: Count Anatoliy Vortugalov, Lord Innokentiy Vortgualov; 

54. Vorvane: Count Neville Vorvane, Lord Gervais Vorvane; 

55. Vorvayne: Count Stefan Vorvayne, Lord Phillippe Vorvayne; 

56. Vorventa: Count Aivars Vorventa, Lord Marcus Vorventa; Sky Blue and Bronze.

57. Vorville: Count Maurice Vorville, Lord Dominique Vorville; 

58. Vorvolk: Count Henri Vorvolk, Lord Samuel Vorvolk; Maroon and Green. 

59. Vorvolynkin: Count Vladimir Vorvolynkin, Lord Justin Vorvolynkin; Burgundy and Scarlet. 

60. Vorwyn: Count Oliver Vorwyn, Lord Aretas Vorwyn; Azure and Silver. 

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