• Westbrook

    Council of Counts List

    September 14, 2014 by Westbrook

    I'm putting this here because I really don't know where else it might go!

    So, because I have an obviously serious mental problem, I decided to go and come up with a list of the sixty Counts of Barrayar, their heirs, and their livery colors (in that order)! Clearly, I am deranged and need to be put in Betan therapy.

    Until then though, I have this list. It is set post-CryoBurn, and it is partially complete. I have completed the full sixty Count, in alphabetical voting order, with names (some of whom I made up and some of whom are Vor mentioned in-story who got promotions). What is partially completed are the list of heirs (which I am working on ['Author's Note: Heir List is COMPLETE as of 9/18/14]'), and the livery colors (it's difficult to find…

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