I've continued the pass through the site, doing general cleanup and adding of lists. Lists are good for more than just "here's everybody with such-and-such association". In particular, they're very handy for providing glue to hold the site together (random loose articles gain hooks to the main collection), so I'm looking to add them whenever they would be meaningful.

Done so far:

  • The shipyard and orbital depot articles have made it into a container article for such.
  • I've also gone through a few categories to get their articles in shape - mainly "Groups and Corporations" and the subcategory "Mercenary Fleets".
  • The front page is pretty good. Probably should clear out the "New on Vorkosigan Wiki" header and move the contents to the "Editing Notes" part.

Still to do:

  • I've not yet tried for the important missing articles that I named last week: Barrayaran Laws, Komarran Integration Plan. I'll do what I can with them as time permits.
  • Go over Mark Vorkosigan article to decide just how to handle Gorge, Grunt, Howl, and Killer.
  • The remaining missing articles are low enough in importance to put off for a time.
  • Visit other categories.

Articles that need larger-scale fixing:

  • Komarr - plot summary. Too much progressive tense and not a clear description of the story.
  • Winterfair Gifts - plot summary. Maybe keep first paragraph, but the rest of it needs to be completely redone - this is Roic and Taura's tale, not Miles and Ekaterin's, and the summary should show that.
  • Lady Tej Vorpatril - fix up flow of article, clean up verb tenses. Maybe rename to drop "Lady".
  • Some Jacksonian House articles could do with lists of people associated with that house (Bharaputra and Ryoval in particular could benefit by having this done)


  • There are other articles besides Lady Tej Vorpatril that have ranks/titles attached to the article name. Not sure whether to fix them or not - if there isn't a more complete name, it can help to have the rank present to remind people who the character is. Going to have to think about it.

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