So. More passing through the site happens.

I think there aren't any people left whose article names include their titles unless there's another character who would be confused with them, so that task is taken care of.

A lot of articles have been shifted to past tense, but some of the ones that remain are sticky - my brain refuses to put the planets in past tense, considering that the Vorkosiverse does not feature exploding planets and such things. Some others are for technology items, and I'm reluctant to say that "unicorns" should be in past tense. Others are from the "Background Information" category, which has some articles that I'd just as soon ignore and others that describe simple concepts that really don't belong in past tense. And finally, some huge articles like "Vor" also mix tenses, but since they're copied from old versions wikipedia articles, it's not clear to me what to do (copy a newer version, leave as-is, go ahead and edit possibly using the wikipedia article as a template for ideas, or something else). So I'm open to ideas about what to do with this topic.

Most of my article-fixing is still scatter-shot, though when I see a category that I think I ought to get cleaned up, I visit all the articles from it.

Still to add:

  • Barrayaran Laws and Customs
  • Komarran Integration Plan
  • Translations (see for a site with really nice handling of foreign translations of the relevant books)
  • Joint Council
  • Vor Privilege
  • Northbridge Invitational Conference on Cryonics
  • Sydney Liga (from The Vor Game)
  • Goffe (from A Civil Campaign)
  • Kostolitz (from The Warrior's Apprentice)
  • Tesslev (from The Warrior's Apprentice)
  • The people listed in WantedPages
  • Personnel lists for Jacksonian Houses.

Still in need of repairs:

  • Komarr plot summary needs verb tense work (too progessive)
  • Winterfair Gifts plot summary needs major redo (maybe keep first paragraph - the rest goes)

It was nice seeing the fixes to Lady Tej Vorpatril (I then renamed to Tejaswini Arqua Vorpatril). Thanks!

KarenHunt (talk) 23:00, January 13, 2014 (UTC)

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