Most military forces and a variety of other institutions maintain a variety of unforms. Uniforms are often decorated with rank signifiers, which may be a core part of the uniform or may be attacked as insignia.

Barrayaran Uniforms Edit

  • Barrayaran military uniforms, in all branches of the Imperial Service, come in several major varieties. Branch specific signifiers are attached as insignia, such as the eye-of-horus pin attached to ImpSec uniforms.
    • Combat fatigues are usually black[1], but camouflage fatigues also exist[2].
    • Undress uniforms, the most frequently worn kind in peacetime, are light green and feature half boots.
    • Dress greens are a darker green color and feature full-length cavalry boots.
    • Parade dress uniforms, worn to major formal imperial functions, are red and blue.
  • Each major Vor house (certainly including all the ones with District Counts) has its own livery uniform, worn by the armsmen and also by scions of the house itself when representing the house or the district. Mourning was black cloth with house crest in black silk thread.
    • Vorbarra - black and silver
    • Vorkosigan -brown and silver
    • Vorharopulos - chartreuse and scarlet[3]
    • Vormuir - carmine and green
    • Vorob'yev - wine-red and black
    • Vorpatril - dark blue and gold
    • Vorrutyer - blue and gray
    • Vorbretten - dark green and bittersweet orange
    • Vormuir - carmine and green
    • Vordarian - maroon and gold
    • Vorsmythe - wine-red and unknown secondary

Other Uniforms Edit

  • Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet uniforms are predominantly gray, with varying amounts of white.
  • Randall's Rangers uniforms are tan, white, and black; reminiscent of a German Shephard dog.
  • Kline Station personnel uniforms
    • Docks and Locks - red[4]
    • Security - Black and orange (more junior uniforms being more predominantly orange, and progressively more senior ones having progressively more black).[4]
    • Atmosphere control - blue[4]
    • Biocontrol - pine green slashed with sky blue[4]
  • Jacksonian House Livery
  • Escobaran Military Medical Service wore dark red uniforms[6]
  • Aslund military uniforms are dark blue[1]

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