"Interesting fellow, that captain. Miles summed him out of the corner of his eye as he exchanged formal salutes with Illyan. Maybe thirty-five years old, he had something of Illyan's unmemorable bland look about the face, but was more heavily built. Pale. He might easily pass for some minor bureaucrat, a sedentary indoorsman. But that particular look could also be acquired by spending a great deal of time cooped up on spaceships."
―Miles' meeting with Ungari[src]

Ungari was a galactic operative with Barrayaran Imperial Security. He held the rank of captain, and was the superior officer of Ensign Miles Naismith Vorkosigan on one mission to perform a military evaluation of the Hegen Hub. Due to Vorkosigan blowing his cover and the disappearance of Barrayaran Emperor Gregor Vorbarra, Ungari ordered the ensign and his bodyguard Sergeant Overholt to return home via Jackson's Whole.

Vorkosigan was arrested by the Jacksonians, but mysteriously disappeared while in custody. Ungari and Overholt hunted across the Hub for them, and finally determined that Vorkosigan had encountered the missing Emperor and traveled to a military station at the wormhole jump to Aslund. He finally caught up to Vorkosigan after Vorkosigan re-took control of the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet.

Confronting the wayward ensign, who had a plan to cross the system and rescue Vorbarra from the clutches of mercenary Commander Cavilo of Randall's Rangers, Ungari ordered Vorkosigan to abandon his fleet and accompany him to a safe house on Aslund station. Vorkosigan objected to the order and had both Ungari and Overholt arrested.

After Vorkosigan successfully rescued the Emperor, Ungari and Overholt accompanied Vorbarra to treaty negotiations on Vervain Station, while Vorkosigan fought off an attempted Cetagandan invasion of the Hegen Hub.


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