"A pink-faced tech manned a control panel just inside the shuttle hatch corridor. He wore a red T-shirt with the GalacTech logo over his left breast. Tight blond curls cut close to his head reminded Leo of a lamb's pelt; perhaps it was an effect of his obvious youth... Tony pulled himself obediently over the control panel. He wore red shorts—Leo blinked and caught his breath in shock. The boy had no legs. Emerging from his shorts were a second set of arms. Functional arms, he was even now using his—his lower left hand, Leo supposed he'd have to call it—to anchor himself as he reached out to Leo. His smile was perfectly unselfconscious."
―Tony at Leo Graf's first meeting with any quaddie.[src]

Tony, TY-776-424-XG, was one of the first group of quaddies created by Warren Minchenko and Dr. Cay of GalacTech. Trained in welding and joining, he was Leo Graf's top student; he was also pair-bonded to a young female quaddie named Claire. When he was given a "reproductive assignment" to bear a child with a different young female quaddie, he and Claire tried to run away from home, bringing about a chain of events that led to the entire group of quaddies fleeing GalacTech.


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