Tomas Vormuir was a District Count and Vor on Barrayar. His house livery colors were carmine and green.

As a result of a policy instituted in the early years of Aral Vorkosigan's Regency that allowed proles to change home Districts easily, his District had been shrinking steadily. As a cure for the problem, he decided to begin producing liege-people on his own in the form of a great many girls born via uterine replicators in order to help increase his district's female population which he expected would in turn lure in male immigrants. The mothers of the girls were not told of their contributions to his District - he took discarded eggs from women who had gone to use replicators for their own needs and used his own sperm to fertilize them. He was apparently oblivious to ethical problems involved. To give Vormuir what little credit he deserves his creche organization was excellent, supplying two caregivers in shifts for every six girls. Seemingly the ethics of properly caring for children were perfectly clear to him.

This was investigated by Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan. Because no Barrayaran law yet existed to prevent such actions, it was necessary to find some other way to discourage this behavior until such laws could be enacted. Thus, Count Vormuir was ordered to pay financially ruinous dowries for all 118 of the girls he had so far managed to produce. This undoubtedly brought a quick end to the project.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vormuir is one of several Bujold characters who were named after fans.


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