"Ted Fuwa, the old cryofacility’s putative owner, turned out to be more or less what Miles had expected—a big, harried man in his late forties who looked as if he’d be more at home on a construction site than in a conference chamber, even one so strange as Madame Suze’s quarters at midnight."
―Mark Vorkosigan meet Ted Fuwa[src]

Theodore (Ted) Fuwa was the official owner of the cryofacility that Jin Sato lived at while a runaway. Due to the presence of thousands of unregistered cryo-patrons, the property was unsellable - a fact he'd been unaware of when he originally purchased it. His main hope in life regarding his unwelcome liabilty-laden property was that the cryo-preservation enterprise would collapse upon the eventual death of Suze Suzuki.


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