"Do you realize that I am not a human being, Dr. Urquhart? I'm an artificial genetic construct, a composite from a dozen sources, with a sensory organ squatting like a spider in my brain that no human being ever had. I have no father and no mother. I wasn't born, I was made. And that doesn't horrify you?"
―Terrence, explaining himself to Ethan[src]

Terrence Cee was the product of genetic engineering by the Cetagandan Empire's haut class, granted the ability to use telepathy. He fled the empire with his also-telepathic wife Janine; however, she was killed by ghem-Captain Rau.

He arrived at Jackson's Whole with a mountain of money and the desire to bring her back to life. When that goal proved impossible, he changed plans. When he learned that the Athosian government had requested a shipment of ovarian cultures from the Jacksonians, he had them modified by the addition of the telepathy gene complex to every one of the cultures. He then tried to emigrate to Athos, but discovered that the Cetagandans were onto him and awaiting him at Kline Station, the last stop before the jump-route to Athos. He was rescued by Dr Ethan Urquhart of Athos and Elli Quinn of the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet; he ended up carrying out his plan for the planet Athos with the aid of Dr Urquhart, whom he became a life partner with; it is unknown whether that relationship was sexual or not though in the final pages of Ethan of Athos Terrance suggests he is open to giving it a try.

Terrence was deeply moved by Ethan's immediate acceptance of him as 'A son of the Father and so my brother'. Also by the warm welcome he received from Ethan's father on Athos. He may have concluded that his heterosexual preference was unimportant compared to that unconditional affection.


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