"A lot of heads swiveled at the entry of a man in threadbare coveralls, a shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and an enormous quantity of hair, but the looks were mostly followed up with brief nods or friendly waves. The greetings were returned as silently. The man trod into the kitchen area. He shoved his hand into his thatch of brown-gray beard to scratch his chin, greeted the cook with another nod, and held out a familiar carafe, which she took to rinse and refill with coffee.... He was not, Miles, realized, actually of a bearlike build under all the mad hair, but lanky and pale."
―Miles meets Tenbury[src]

Custodian Tenbury was an employee of Susan Suzuki's charity cryocorporation on Kibou-daini. He was in charge of simple repairs and maintenance; he also took charge of all the running cryochambers. The people who lived there referred to his work by the phrase "when they go downstairs to Tenbury for the last time".


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