"Oh, yes," chorused Teki helpfully. "We use it to seal suspected contaminants, to store them for later analysis. It's under the wet bench. I sealed my shoes up once, on a slow day. I tried to seal water, to make balloons to drop down the lift tubes, but it didn't work—"
―Teki's fun antics[src]

Teki was a cousin to Elli Quinn who lived on Kline Station and worked in biocontrol. When Elli was there for a Dendarii mission to investigate the doings of a Cetagandan hit team, she got help from him from time to time. This resulted in the Cetagandans taking note of him and collecting him for interrogation. Elli managed to break into the interrogation session by reporting their leader, Luyst Millisor, to biocontrol as a disease vector.

When Teki's boss Helda was relieved of her job, Teki was promoted in her place.


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