"Ethan was in turn carried off to an office for a long, long talk with Security in the persons of the burly arresting officer and a female officer who was apparently his administrative superior. Partway through they were joined by a third Security man, introduced as Captain Arata, a neurasthenic Eurasian type with lank black hair, pale skin, and eyes like needles, who said little and listened much."
―Ethan meets Tav Arata[src]

Captain Tav Arata was a security officer on Kline Station. He was placed in charge of the investigation of the strange events surrounding Ethan Urquhart, four Cetagandans, and Commander Elli Quinn. Unfortunately for him (or perhaps, rather, fortunately), none of the principals gave him straight stories about what had happened, so he was left with a significant mystery as to just why those events actually occurred. He did get a date with Elli Quinn out of it though, which may have made it all worthwhile.


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