The Tau Verde Ring War was a war pitting Felice and Pelias, two nations on Tau Verde IV, against each other.

"Until the Pelians brought in galactics, our two sides were fairly matched. We thought we were on the verge of a negotiated settlement. The Oserans changed that balance."
―General Halify's opionion of the Tau Verde Ring War[src]

Both nations were technologically backward, being unable to produce either jump ships or jump pilots. They had been approximately equal in strength, and a settlement was being worked out for a time, but then the Pelians got the idea of using mercenaries to blockade the Felicians. They hired the Oseran Free Mercenary Fleet, and the war quickly turned to their favor. When Miles Vorkosigan and his companions tried to smuggle weapons to the Felicians past the blockade, the war abruptly turned to favor the Felicians.

"The Dendarii Mercenaries have had enough of this Tweedledum-and-Tweedledee war. It's bad for morale when it gets too hard to remember which side you're working for this week."
―Miles's opinion of the Tau Verde Ring War[src]


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