Tatya Vorkeres Vorbretten was the wife of Count René Vorbretten, making her Countess Vorbretten.


Tatya was the daughter of the wealthy Lord Vorkeres, and had at least one younger brother named Jon. Her cousin Stannis served in the City Guard as a director of the fife and drum corps. She went to school with and remained close to Olivia Koudelka

She and René Vorbretten married in a love match when Tatya was eighteen, three years before the events of A Civil Campaign.

Shortly before the start of those events, Tatya and René decided to start their first son in a replicator, but the standard gene scan revealed René's Cetagandan heritage, putting their home and position at risk. Very few people wanted to associate with the newly-dubbed Ghembrettens, save for Olivia Koudelka and her sister Martya. Tatya was afraid that she would lose her home if René's cousin Sigur won his suit, and attended the Council session where her and René's fate was to be decided because she didn't want to wait for bad news. After René won reconfirmation as Count, the two of them started their son, and in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, Ivan mentioned that she was "up to her ears in infants," implying that she and René had had more children.

Personality and traitsEdit

"....dark good looks of the shorter third woman. The young Countess Tatya Vorbretten had bright hazel eyes wide-set in a heart-shaped face with a foxy chin. And dimples. The whole delightful composition was framed by ringlets of ebony hair that bounced as she now did."
―Miles, on Tatya's appearance[src]

Tatya was badly hurt by the treatment she and René were given by former friends when they were in danger of losing their Countship and their home.

Martya Koudelka mentioned that Tatya had a "glorious soprano."


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