Tabor was a ghem-lieutenant in the armed forces of the Cetagandan Empire. He was the military attaché of the Cetagandan Embassy on Earth, and occasionally attended parties at the Barrayaran Imperial Embassy also located in London.

After Admiral Miles Naismith was spotted on Earth, the Cetagandans unsuccessfully subcontracted his assassination out while waiting for a death squad to be sent from headquarters. When the death squad finally arrived, Tabor was the outer perimeter backup for its assault on the Thames Tidal Barrier. While on this duty, he encountered the Barrayaran military attaché Duv Galeni, and was forced to stun him.

However, Galeni recovered faster than expected, and assaulted Tabor and another ghem officer, beating them both into unconsciousness. When they awoke, they were in a car with Galeni, Miles Vorkosigan playing Admiral Naismith, Vorkosigan's clone impersonating Vorkosigan himself, and Dendarii mercenary Elli Quinn. Tabor and his companion were led to the conclusion that Vorkosigan and Naismith were two separate individuals, and dropped off at their embassy.


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