"Suze might have been any age from a hard-worn eighty to a well-preserved century. She had certainly, Miles thought, been a head taller a couple of decades back; now she would need sturdy shoes to top five feet, but instead wore flat plastic sandals that snapped her dry-skinned heels as she stepped. That head was covered with frizzed and unruly gray curls. She might have seemed younger if she’d smiled, but the frown-grooves were deeply set around her pursed mouth. Her loose trousers, shirt, and over-shirt were not a set, but being black, black, and black, they could not mis-match."
―Miles' meeting with Suze[src]

Susan Suzuki, aka Suze the Secretary, was an old woman who took charge of a cryo-cooperative group on Kibou-daini when the small cryo-corp that she had worked for was taken over and dismantled by one of the larger cryo-corporations. Her group functioned as a charity, providing cryo-preservation services for indigent people who lacked cryo-insurance. A dangerous woman to cross, she gave real meaning to the saying "Don't mess with the secretary."

Miles Vorkosigan used her facilities to cryo-revive the activist Lisa Sato, then Mark Vorkosigan took over her business with the intention of tranforming it into a cryo-revival facility; that way it would be able to provide experimental subjects for his anti-aging work with the Durona Group.


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