"A man, as bruised and naked as Miles himself, gaunt-ribbed, starveling, knelt in the dirt a few meters away. His face was bony, aged by stress—he might have been forty, or fifty—or twenty-five.
His eyes were unnaturally prominent, due to the shrinking of his flesh. Their whites seemed to gleam feverishly against the dirt darkening his skin.... The hair stunner had missed a line on his cheek and a few dozen hairs grew there like a stripe on a badly-mown lawn. Even curled as they were, Miles could see they were several centimeters long, draggling down past the man's jaw. If only he knew how fast hair grew, he could calculate how long this fellow had been here. Too long, whatever the numbers, Miles thought with an inward sigh.
―Miles meets Suegar[src]

A Marilacan, Suegar had once lived in a mining camp digging up fire gems. In later years, he served as a Lieutenant fighting for his planet against the Cetagandan Invasion, taking part in house-to-house fighting at Port Lisma, when he was captured and taken to the same Dagoola prison camp as where Colonel Guy Tremont was interred.

He'd managed accidentally to smuggle into the camp a single piece of paper containing a passage from John Bunyan's book Pilgrim's Progress. Over time, he concluded that it was scripture, and because it named two people leading the others, that he must be one of the two. He spent quite some time trying to find the other one until he met Miles Vorkosigan. Miles decided to pretend to be the other one, but Suegar not only knew he was pretending but also believed that it was nevertheless true that in fact Miles was the person he'd been seeking.

Suegar became Miles' most faithful assistant in restoring order to the camp.


Suegar was captured some time during the year of 2995 CE or possibly 3095, depending on how to compute centuries. (When Miles said to him, "Today is November 2, '97, Earth Common Era", he realized that he'd been a prisoner for less than three years.)


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