A stunner was typically a small hand-held weapon that could usually be expected to be non-fatal when used, although people with heart conditions could die from stunner fire.[1][2]

The mechanism by which stunners operated appears to have been similar to that of nerve disruptors, except that no permanent harm was done to the affected nerves. A stunner had about 1/3 the range of a plasma arc.[3]

A stunner was small enough to fit in a person's pocket, and could produce at least two levels of stunning: "light" and "heavy." Areas of the body that were lightly stunned typically were described as tingling or numb.[4] A person awaking from having been stunned was typically nauseated, with muscle aches and spasms, and had a stunner-migraine.[5][6] A dose of synergine generally aided the recovery.[7][8]

Typical combat rules for stunners was to shoot at anything that moved, playing "stunner tag", because one could generally apologize for mistakes later.[3][9][10][11]

Sometimes a stunner would be coded to the owner so that nobody but that person could fire it.[12]


  • There was some mechanism for producing blasts of massed, unaimed stunner fire for causing groups of people to fall unconscious simultaneously.[3]
  • Heavier-grade stunners were called "heavy stunners"[11]
  • A stunner power-pack could be used as a grenade, though the timing was a bit tricky to work out.[13]


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