"Miles-san added, 'My case budget allows for a lot of discretion, you know.'
'Then I wish you’d buy some,' snapped Vorlynkin. He shut his mouth abruptly, as if startled at what had fallen out of it.
Miles-san merely grinned at him. His stiff consul-face back in place, Vorlynkin shepherded Jin and Mina back up to the kitchen to feed them again.
―Consul Vorlynkin doesn't approve of Miles's style[src]

Consul Stefin Vorlynkin was a former Barrayaran military officer who chose to continue his career by serving in the Barrayar diplomatic corps. He did a stint on Escobar as a junior secondary, where he married a local woman and had a daughter Annah. However, when he got a promotion and transfer to Pol, his wife chose to remain on Escobar and so they divorced.

He later got the job of planetary Consul on Kibou-daini, which was run as a branch of the Escobaran office. When last seen, he and Lisa Sato appeared to be a likely future pairing, with some thought concerning Annah's future.

Vorlynkin's former wife wanted him to give up paternal rights so her present husband could adopt Annah. Since Barrayaran law and custom automatically gave daughters into their mother's custody Vorlynkin was initially inclined to oblige but now he is having second thoughts.


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