The Star Crèche, denoted by a screaming bird insignia, was the most exclusive haut governmental department, in which human genetic experimentation occurred, in what might be called "a giant eugenics project."

The Empress of Cetaganda was responsible for directing the evolution of the Cetagandan race, using the ba for live experimentation and the ghem as a source of wild genes to potentially incorporate. She was also responsible for genetically creating her Imperial son, modifying the combined genes of herself and the reigning Emperor. The first trials generally involved the creation of one or more ba servitors, who were genetic siblings of the Emperor.[1][2]

The Crèche was also the source of the most deadly and arcane of bioweapons in the galaxy, which even terrified the ghem. There were few rumors of internal use of them; the most public known use of haut biological weapons was displayed during Ker Dubauer's reign of terror in Quaddiespace during its attempt to steal a Crèche's child shipment.[3]

Within the Crèche grounds, haut ladies did not need the use of their force bubbles.[4][5]

Notes and referencesEdit

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