"Oh, he's not exactly a martinet. But he's got a streak of . . . he can be a funny kind of dangerous. Don't ever really threaten him, huh?"
―Ahn to Miles, regarding Metzov[src]

General Stanis Metzov was the Base Commander for Lazkowski Base on Kyril Island until the Kyril Island Incident.

He served in the Barrayaran Imperial Service for thirty-five years, getting most of his promotions during the Komarran Conquest. His career was stopped cold by accusations of a cover-up of illegal torture of a Komarran prisoner during the Komarran Revolt; he ended up in charge of Lazkowski Base soon afterwards.

After the Kyril Island Incident, he was cashiered on charges of brutality; he left Barrayar and joined Randall's Rangers, a mercenary group hired to help protect Vervain during the events leading up to the Hegen Hub War. He was killed during the battle.

For more information, see The Vor Game.


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