"With the air of a man throwing a sacrifice to the volcano god, Soudha called in two subordinates, whom Miles interviewed one at a time in the same conference chamber they'd used day before yesterday for the VIP briefing."
―Soudha "helps" Miles Vorkosigan[src]

Administrator Soudha was the engineer in charge of Waste Heat Management for the Serifosa branch of the Komarr Terraforming Project. He used his position to fund and provide research space for a group of conspirators who were attempting to determine if it was possible to collapse a wormhole, particularly the last one in the chain that connected Barrayar to Komarr: "an engineer's revolution".

When the founder of the group, Dr. Radovas, died in an accident while they were testing a prototype of their collapsing device, Soudha took over as leader.


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