An unnamed political officer who had ordered the execution of roughly 200 high-ranking Komarran prisoners during the Solstice Massacre, directly countermanding the order (and personal word) of then-Admiral Aral Vorkosigan. The political officer's order unleashed a murderous rage in Vorkosigan, causing him to break the officer's neck with his bare hands. The political officer's act forever branded Vorkosgian as "The Butcher of Komarr" and left what Vorkosigan deemed "a messy political legacy" for Barrayar to endure.

Conspiracy theoriesEdit

Many Komarrans believed that the political officer was ordered by Vorkosigan to commit the massacre, then was killed so Vorkosigan could shift blame to the dead officer. Vorkosigan and others suspected the Council of Ministers (presumably under the orders of either Minister Grishnov or Prince Serg) of giving the political officer instructions to neutralize the leaders of Komarr, to make the populace easier to control; if anything, the Massacre martyred the dead, leading to political unrest for decades, including the Komarr Revolt.

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