"The oldest human habitation on the surface of Komarr, Solstice Dome had a peculiar layout, to Tej's eye. The aging initial installations resembled the space stations she'd grown up in, with their labyrinths of corridors. The very latest sections were laid out with separate, street-linked buildings, but under vast, soaring, transparent domes that mimicked the open sky the residents hoped to have someday, when the atmospheric terraforming was complete. Middling areas, like this one, fell between, with much less technologically ambitious domes that still gave glimpses of an outside where no one ventured without a breath mask."
―Solstice as seen by Tej[src]

Solstice was the capital city on the planet Komarr and the site of the infamous Solstice Massacre. The oldest human settlement on the planet, it had domes that were over 400 years old in Miles Vorkosigan's time[1]; its layout contained a peculiar mix of old and new sections. The city surrounded "Crater Lake" - probably one of the lakes created by redirecting a comet to strike the planet shortly before it was settled.[2]

Parts of the city were destroyed during the original annexation by Barrayar or during the Komarran Revolt. These parts were being rebuilt during the time of Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.[3]

Places in SolsticeEdit

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