"Fleet beat cop, charged with maintaining peace and order among crew and passengers, keeping an eye out for any illegal or threatening activities or suspicious persons—not a few historic hijackings were inside jobs—and being first line of defense in counterintelligence. More quietly, keeping an ear out for potential disaffection among the Emperor's Komarran subjects. Obliged to render all possible assistance to the ship in physical emergencies, coordinating evacuation or rescue with the military escort. Liaison officer was a job that could shift from yawningly boring to lethally demanding in an eyeblink."
―Description of Solian's job[src]

Lieutenant Solian was the Barrayaran Security Liaison Officer assigned to the Komarran merchant vessel, the Idris. He was a Komarran, one of the first generation who'd been allowed to become officers in the Barrayaran service.

He'd had good reviews from past assignments and was generally well-liked by the Komarran crew of the Idris, but did not appear to have gotten especially close to any of his coworkers or charges.

He disappeared from the Idris during the fleet's stopover at Graf Station in Quaddiespace; the subsequent events are told in the story Diplomatic Immunity.


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