"The haut Slyke Giaja was what Miles thought of as a typical haut-lord, tall and lean and faintly effeminate. Arrogant, as befit a younger half-brother of the emperor. And dangerous. Young enough to be a possibility, though older than Este Rond."
―Miles, considering candidates for Lord X[src]

Prince haut Slyke Giaja was a Cetagandan satrap governor, and half-brother to the haut Fletchir GiajaEmperor of the Cetagandan Empire. He ruled over the planet Xi Ceta, which neighbored Marilac

Prince Slyke was one of the three primary candidates Lord Miles Vorkosigan had determined to most likely be the traitor who stole the Great Key of the Star Crèche during his time on Eta Ceta, along with the hauts Ilsum Kety and Este Rond

Slyke's behavior was suspicious; he had an unexplained haut-lady bubble and the Ghem lady used by Rian to contact Miles in his company at the luncheon after the Poetry tribute to the late Celestial lady. Rian revealed he had demanded and got a tour of the Star Creche including a viewing of the false Key. Slyke was apparently not implicated in Kety's plot but his odd behavior is never explained. 

Following the events of Cetaganda, Prince Slyke was presumably not reappointed to a position of prominence.


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