"Silver nodded. Her medium-short hair drifted in soft platinum waves, and Leo wondered if it was the source of her nickname. She had the sort of strong facial bones that are sharp and unhappily awkward at thirteen, arrestingly elegant at thirty-five, now not quite halfway through their transition. Her blue gaze was cooler and less shy than the busy Claire's, who was already distracted by some new demand from Andy."
―Leo's first meeting with Silver[src]

Silver was a Quaddie who specialized in Hydroponics. She was a close friend to Claire, who had recently switched to Hydroponics after giving birth to a son, Andy. As one of the least law-abiding Quaddies, she enjoyed breaking rules. It had been her idea to create a Clubhouse, which served them well in their escape plans later. She also had sexual relationships with both the head of the Quaddie project, Bruce Van Atta, and a young pilot officer, Ti Gulik.

After Mr. Van Atta interrogated her under drugs to force her to confess to her role in Tony and Claire's running away, she joined with Leo Graf in planning a revolution against GalacTech. Once they made their escape, they began their own relationship.


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