Sigma Ceta was one of the eight Satrapies of the Cetagandan Empire. It might also have been called Ola Three (Ola III), or perhaps it connected to a planet or system of that name. 


Like the other planets of the Empire, Sigma Ceta was ruled by a satrap and planetary consort. Its former governor, the haut Ilsum Kety, was the mastermind behind a treasonous plot to involve Cetaganda in a war with Barrayar while furthering his own ambitions. He was forcibly retired, and a new governor installed. Its planetary consort was the haut Nadina.


Sigma Ceta was on the other side of the Nexus from Barrayar. It connected outward to Vega Station, a vital wormhole transit point which could be useful for continued Cetagandan expansion.


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